Glass Work

Specializing in Custom Leaded Glass for the Buffalo, NY Area

Stained glass, also known as leaded glass, can be a beautiful addition to any space. Mastering the art of stained glass requires skill and practice. Custom leaded glass allows for an endless amount of opportunities. 

At Images In Glass, Inc. we have years of experience creating stained glass panels in many styles for all purposes. From beautifying the appearance of a home or commercial building to telling a story in a church, stained glass windows have a variety of applications. Whether we are creating or restoring, our craftsmanship is always outstanding. We have created and restored commercial, residential, and church windows throughout the Buffalo, Rochester and the surrounding NY area.

How We Make Our Stained Glass Pieces

Although it’s a painstaking process, the level of detail, shading, and painting that goes into each piece is what makes the artistry so unique. 

• Initial design approval by client
• Create an enlarged charcoal drawing so patterns can be duplicated, cut, and reassembled
• Paint the individual pieces of stained glass with special vitreous paint which is then fired to permanence
• Paint on a coating of matte  paint 
• Brush/scratch the paint away to allow the light to come through, creating shadows
• Fire the glass again 

When duplicating pieces of glass in older windows, we exactly match the original, brushstroke by brushstroke.
Fused  Glass Dishware and Functional Art
Pat started creating slumped  glass dishware after experimenting with extra pieces of glass in the studio. Her experimentation lead to more advanced fusing.  Multiple pieces of glass are fused (at 1500 degrees) in the kiln.  After cooling overnight, the flat, fused glass is then  placed in/on a slumping mold and fired again (at 1300 degrees) to create non-toxic, dishwasher-safe, and completely unique pieces. 
Also available is handmade, fused glass jewelry.

Pat's glasswork is known locally by the name Hot
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